Remote Problem Resolution

Many problems can be resolved quickly and conveniently by using our Remote Problem Resolution service. Utilizing a simple online access tool, we can access your computer via a broadband connection and resolve your problem. The connection is temporary and the work is done under your supervision. Cost depends on the type of service, but generally a virus removal or tune-up would be the best remote reason to use the remote service. Call or E-mail to schedule remote connection

Security Camera Systems - $500 and up*
Security cameras are becoming a very important part of your family and business security. We specialize in home and small business security camera setup. Basic install is four cameras and DVR with remote access from computer or smart phone. The largest install is 16 cameras. Please inquire for an estimate of complete system.
PC virus removal - $85 flat fee*
Viruses and spyware are more common everyday and sometimes the best antivirus and spyware program cannot remove them. Spyware will make your computer run slower and cause your internet to stop working. Please click the links at the top of the website to learn more about viruses and spyware.
PC Hardware upgrades - $85 flat fee*
Computer parts are becoming faster and less expensive. If you do not want to spend a lot on a new computer the next step is to look at upgrading. Sometimes it only takes one or two parts to make the computer run better then new. Cost does not include hardware.
Network install - $85 per hour
Why spend hours on the phone with support or spend hours yourself trying to figure out how to setup your DSL, Cable, Satellite or wireless network. Specializing in both wireless and wired networking setups. Security is very important for your wireless network and is part of any install. Network install does not include the hardware.
Laptop Upgrades $85 flat fee*
Laptops are a little more complicated to work on and take more time to fix. The best upgrades are memory and hard drive. Cost does not include hardware.
Software solutions - $85 Flat rate*
General issues and software solution. For example printer install or troubleshooting. Quickbooks issues. your network program is not working. Backups, etc.
* drop off service only - $15 onsite fee

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