Many problems can be resolved quickly and conveniently by a complete tune-up. We can access your computer via a broadband connection and resolve your problem. Internet must be up and running.

Do you have an older laptop that is simply not running well with the newer programs. There are a few options to speed-up your laptop or even just upgrade to the latest Windows Version.

Why spend hours on the phone with support or spend hours yourself trying to figure out how to setup your DSL, Cable, Satellite or wireless network.

Small Servers are simply designed to store and backup the company information. Servers are designed with many critical features that will keep your information safe and secure. Please see Server section.

The Personal Tech Guy is your one stop provider for computer services, virus removal, spyware removal, networking, tune-up's and hardware upgrades. Personal Computer technology continues to advance at an astounding pace, and it's easy for everyday users to be overwhelmed by today's ever-changing jargon.

A reliable PC tech is hard to find, just like a good car mechanic. So what do you do? Throw caution to the wind and call the first computer tech in the phone book or call one of the large tech companies and they send out the tech that just started last week? Are you sure you want to trust your most valuable data with the new guy!

There are many questions about your system that need a good tech to answer correctly. Why is my system running so slow? Do I need to upgrade my memory? Why is my hard drive running out of space? How do I setup my network connection? This is just a small sample of the common questions that computer users ask almost every day. The Personal Tech Guy is here to help with these questions and issues. If you have a tech question, please feel free to e-mail me and I will get back to you within 48 hours.

Drop off service is recommended to get the best results for your computer system or laptop. The Personal Tech Guy offers over 15 years experience on computers, network systems, and corporate servers. I look forward to making your life with your computer more enjoyable!


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